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Seafood cuisine is consider every form of life in the sea that humans consider as food, including fish, shellfish, molluscs, crustaceans and other kind of sea animals. Sea plants are also consumed, especially in Asia, such as algae and seaweeds. Nowadays, due to the high harvest of wild seafood, the cultivation and farming of seafood is starting to be very important, as it is the only way to have enough seafood for everyone in the world. It has almost the same quality and benefits as the wild ones. As seafood is distinguished from meat, many vegetarians who are not very strict eat fish to complete their diet as it is a good source of proteins and omega3.

Seafood Cuisine: the taste of the ocean through foodpanda

Thanks to our free App for Android and iPhone devices, you will be able to place orders of seafood online wherever you are, and receive the order when you get home. Order Seafood online from popular restaurants, such as: SICE - Something I can eat, Asian Haus or Mamagoto - Khan Market. You would not need to waste time waiting for the order at home, as you have the opportunity to leave a comment regarding when exactly you want the order to be delivered! In the review tab of every restaurant, there is the possibility of reading the comments of previous customers regarding their experience with foodpanda, which is always helpful in choosing the one or the other restaurant. Tell the chef exactly how you want your order in the comments box, and after tasting and enjoying your food, leave a comment, as your opinion is important to us in improving our service! By the way, remember that you can order from many cities as for example: Lucknow, Noida or Chennai.