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A salad is a term used to describe a dish made up of cold vegetable dishes that are served with certain sauces or dressings, but specifically saying that only certain ingredients make up the salad is a very hard statement to make. Salad is a very diverse dish that can be made from unlimited number of ingredients, can be served either warm or cold, can be eaten before a meal or after; thus making it a unique dish that is loved and enjoyed by many. There are many ways a salad can be served depending on the occasion, situation or time; it can either be as an appetizer salad, served to open the appetite as a first course of a meal; another way is as a side salad, accompanying the main course as a side dish; another possibility is making the salad as a main course and including toppings such as chicken, beef or tofu. Further possibilities of serving salad is either as ‘palate cleansing salads’ in order to settle the stomach after enjoying the main course and also as desert salads, including additives such as cream or gelatin. In the world, roughly estimating, there are around 40-50 various different types of salads, all coming from different ends of the world, having different preparation methods, and dressings or toppings according to regional preferences.

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Just like there are many different types of salads, all made of various different ingredients, the dressings that go with them are also as widely diversified and made of various ingredients ranging from blue cheese, to honey, and even further to ginger, soy or sesame, to name the very few of many. If you are craving salad, go straight to the Foodpanda website or app, select the Salads filter and go through the list of 200+ available restaurants and select your favorite one in your area; further, choose from the various toppings and dressings and add them to your cart,. Finally, proceed to checkout your order and then all you have to do is await the delivery of your favorite salad by Foodpanda straight to your doorstep.