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Advantageous pizza online order

Pizza, which is one of today’s well-liked fast foods globally, has its roots in Italy. The present day pizza is a kind of flatbread, which normally has a round base with a topping of items such as meat, crab, fish, cheese, prawns and vegetables. Unlike junk food or some other types of fast food, pizza is a healthy fast food and can make a wonderful, energy replenishing snack. So when your stomach begins to make rumbling sounds and you wish to quieten the sounds by eating some food, pick up your smartphone or tablet and request for Pizza delivery via foodpanda. With foodpanda’s advantageous pizza online order service, you get to pick from an array of delightful pizzas for delivery to your desired address in India - from the Nation's biggest cities, like Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad or Delhi, to smaller Indian towns.

Wholly savouring pizza with Pizza home delivery in India

There are different kinds of pizza crusts these days. The thin crust, which is usually crispy and made from a wheat flour base, was popular as early as the ancient Greek period. The hand-tossed or thick crust, which is softer and thicker than the thin type, is normally leavened with yeast for a puffier appearance. First making its appearance in the 1940s, the deep dish with its pie-like crust, is usually loaded with cheese before being covered with tomato sauce. The Neapolitan style, which has been well-liked for the past ten years or so, usually has a 12-inch diameter crust. Immaterial of which type of pizza crust, flavour or topping you prefer, you can order from the best pizza restaurants in India through foodpanda easily for wholly savouring the pizza at your home.

Timely brick oven pizza delivery

A vast number of pizza outlets open daily to entice Indians with different kinds of crusts, flavours and toppings of pizzas for supper, dinner or brunch. Several important areas where timely pizza or Calzone delivery is reliable are:

  • Gachibowli
  • Koregaon Park
  • Nigdi
  • Vasai West
  • Lower Parel West
  • Powai
  • Jeevanbheema Nagar

India's best pizzas and more for your pleasure

Foodpanda’s link with a vast number of pizza chains in India makes it likely for Indians to relish various mouthwatering pizzas anywhere in India. Here are some must sample vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizzas with foodpanda's pizza online order service:

  • Deshi Fusion Pizza – for a wholly nourishing vegetarian pizza, nothing beats the outlet’s Deshi Veg. Pizza. Made from ingredients like tomato, mushroom, fresh herbs, corn, black olives and jalapeno, it is available in two sizes, large and medium. For non-vegetarians who adore anything Indian, don’t miss the pizza restaurant’s medium or large Tandoori Chicken Pizza, which has items like tandoori chicken, green capsicum, mozzarella cheese, red paprika and golden corn
  • Tower of Pizza – if you like anything that comes from the sea, don’t miss the outlet’s special BBQ Crab Pizza. Items like BBQ sauce, crab meat, jalapeno and cheese are utilised to make this tasty pizza. For a special blend of vegetables and fruits, try the outlet’s Hawaiian Pizza. This colourful pizza has ingredients like pineapple, mushroom, asparagus, cherry tomato and bell pepper
  • 95 Pasta & Pizza – for those wanting to try an Indian style calzone (a kind of folded pizza), opt for the outlet’s Paneer Tikka Calzone if you’re vegetarian and Chicken Tikka Calzone if you’re a non-vegetarian. The former has items like cheese, capsicum, paneer tikka and onion while the latter has ingredients like cheese, chicken tikka, onion and capsicum. Both the pizzas are available in three sizes, large, medium and small for your selection
  • US Pizza- for something unique, order Gujarati Treat Pizza or Spicy Chettinad Pizza. The former, which has green pepper, green peas masala, garlic and other items is purely vegetarian. The latter, which has items like onion, tomato, chicken and chettinad spices is non-vegetarian.