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Order Middle Eastern cuisine easily through foodpanda

Also known as West Asian cuisine, it is the gastronomy that exists in many countries of the Middle East. The cuisine of this region is diverse, but keeping a good point of homogeneity together; the use of olive oil, pitas and sesame, mint and olives is common, but depending on which part of the Middle East, the preparation method differs. The first time this cuisine appeared was between river Tigris and Euphrates, in the zone called Fertile Crescent, because this zone was the first one that was first cultivated with some of the most important ingredients of this cuisine. Since there were many conquers in this area, the cuisine was introduced many new ingredients and ways to cook them- thus the reason why it is very rich in dishes, ingredients and cooking ways, which makes it very tasty.

Middle East cuisine: ancient flavors with foodpanda

Cereals are the basis of this cuisine, since this cuisine started in ancient times and it is used in almost every plate, sometimes mixed with rice. Meat and vegetables are present too, lamb and mutton mixed with boiled or grilled vegetables, giving the dishes that incredible taste. Download our worldwide exclusive App for Android or iOS and experience online food ordering. From foodpanda, you can order Middle Eastern online from Delhicious Kitchen or Lebanese Point - Bandra and lots more. Easy and intuitive, you will only need one or two minutes to complete the order and a few more to receive the delivery, warm and well packed, straight at home. Don’t forget to leave us a comment about your experience; we would like to improve every single detail of our service to make our customers happy!