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Japanese Cuisine: New favourite among foodies

The Japanese food is gaining popularity worldwide and India is no exception. A lot of young and health conscious people are taking a liking to it. The growing number of mainstream Japanese restaurants in most cities also has aided in the recent boost in the cuisine’s popularity. Japanese food is quite visual and interesting as they take special care in the dish’s presentation. This cuisine is quite different from most of the other cuisines we come across mostly; their meals are light and usually consists of rice, soup, gyoza (dumplings), fish or any other meat and a vegetable or a bean dish.

Popular Dishes from Japanese Cuisine

Sushi is one of the most popular Japanese dishes in the world. Iit mainly consists of cooked vinegar rice with a combination of raw/cooked seafood and vegetables. Sushi has many different variants based on ingredients used and the dish’s presentation. For example, Maki is ‘rolled sushi’ i.e. rice is wrapped in nori (dried seaweed) whereas Inari sushi is a pouch of fried tofu filled with sushi rice. Some of the other popular dishes from this cuisine are:

  • Bento Box – A traditional bento box meal consists of rice, fish or meat, with pickled or cooked vegetables. Calling Bento box the Indian 'Thali' won't be wrong.
  • Miso Soup – Miso soup is one of the central dishes of traditional Japanese breakfast. It is a salty and savoury broth of dried seaweed and fish, with a dash of miso paste (soya bean).
  • Yakitori – Yakitori is a popular bar snack. It is mostly composed of skewered bite-sized pieces of chicken meat, chicken offal or other meats and vegetables grilled over charcoal.
  • Gyoza – Similar to Nepalese momos, but with a thinner wrapping. The dumpling’s fillings usually consist of ground pork, green onion, cabbage, ginger, garlic and soy sauce. Japanese gyozas are usually pan-fried, but can sometimes be boiled or deep fried.

Order Japanese Food Online Through foodpanda

A host of popular restaurants such as Sushiya and Tamura in Delhi, Sushi and More in Mumbai, Rocket Chef in Gurgaon etc. have made Japanese Cuisine easily accessible. You can now enjoy fine flavours and tasty dishes from the finest Japanese restaurants delivered right in the comfort of your home. You can order online your favourite Sushi, Yakitori, miso soup, sashimi etc. whatever you are craving for with foodpanda. All you have to do is enter your location (city and area), select your favourite Japanese restaurant and within few clicks online, you can place your order online. Now relax and enjoy while your order is delivered at your doorstep with ease of both online payment and cash at delivery options available.