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Expedient order Italian food online

Generally, preparation of Italian food is not difficult. This is because the emphasis is on simplicity. Two of Italy’s globally famous food items are pizza and pasta. There are two main kinds of pizza, Neapolitan and Roman. The former, which is much in demand in the United States and elsewhere in the world, is usually thick and resembles a flat bread. The latter is crustier and thinner. Red pizza refers to a pizza with tomato sauce while white pizza refers to a pizza without tomato sauce.

A good example of white pizza is focaccia. Pasta too can be divided into two kinds, fresh and dried. The former usually lasts for a few days while the latter can last up to two years. Though Italian food is simple, but the ingredients that are used are not only fresh and nutritious but also of good quality. So if you hope to supplement your low energy level or gratify your hunger, pick up your tablet or smartphone and order Italian food online by means of foodpanda. With foodpanda’s beneficial delivery service, you can select from a broad array of splendid Italian dishes for efficient delivery to your chosen place in India.

Completely enjoying Italian dishes with Italian cuisine restaurant delivery

The word pasta is actually a generic term. There are various shapes of pasta in Italy. Fettuccine, which resembles small ribbons, are very much popular in Italy’s Tuscany region. Linguine is similar to fettuccine but it has an elliptical section. While lasagna refers to sheets, spaghetti refers to thin, cylindrical and long pasta that are solid. Irrespective of which shape of pasta you like, you can order Italian food online through foodpanda quickly for completely enjoying the pasta at your home.

Order pasta online for swift office or home delivery

A multitude of Italian eating places open regularly to tempt Indians with different kinds of Italian victuals for dinner, brunch or supper. There are several key places where prompt Italian cuisine restaurant delivery is available:

Best antipasti and other Italian victuals for your enjoyment

Foodpanda’s relationship with a large number of Italian eating places makes it probable for Indians to take delight in various delectable Italian victuals anywhere in India. Below are a few must try non-vegetarian and vegetarian Italian food items:

  • Sam’s Pizza: try the restaurant’s popular Popeye Classic Pizza, which comes in large, medium and regular sizes, for your vegetarian lunch or dinner. Cheese, onion, spinach and tomato are some of the ingredients used to cook this pizza. Non-vegetarians may want to opt for the restaurant’s Mystic Premium Pizza, which also comes in medium, regular and large sizes. Coriander, onion, egg, tomato, cheese and other items are used to cook this delightful pizza
  • Cielito: vegetarian pasta lovers shouldn’t miss the chance to sample the outlet’s Veg. White Sauce Pasta. Various herbs, chopped vegetables, white sauce and other items are used to make this delightfully creamy Italian dish. Non-vegetarian pasta lovers can opt for the restaurant’s Chicken Red Sauce Pasta instead. Various chopped vegetables, chicken chunks, red sauce, herbs and other items are used to make this tangy Italian dish
  • Lazzio – The Pizzeria: non-vegetarians and vegetarians who adore pasta shouldn’t miss Fusilli Pasta In White Sauce and Penne Pasta In Red Sauce dishes. These highly nutritional and tasty Italian dishes have ingredients such as mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers and broccoli. While alfredo sauce is used to make the former, arrabiata sauce is used to make the latter