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The world’s second most populous nation, India is divided into seven union territories and twenty nine states. India’s different regions vary in terms of climate, type of soil and other factors. Ethnicity, occupations and culture of people in one particular region may vary from another. So it’s not at all surprising that these aspects should result in a large variety of regional cuisines. Though India is undoubtedly the “Land of Spices,” where various Indian spices are usually used in Indian cooking, but the types of spices that are used in different regions vary. Now, with foodpanda’s order Indian food online, Indians from all over the nation have the not-to-be missed chance to select from a very huge variety of regional Indian style dishes for savouring fully at the privacy and peace of their place of living.

Make use of order Indian food online

There are various regional dishes in India. For example, pickles like maagaya and avakaya, pulusu (a type of stew) and pappu or dal are famous in Andhra Pradesh. Also, gongura, which is made from sorrel leaves, and tamarind are commonly used in Andhra style cooking. Blends of various spices like turmeric, coriander and cumin with items like curry leaves are common in Tamil Nadu style cooking. The facility of foodpanda's order Indian food online gives you the rare chance to order and sample various regional Indian dishes from the best Indian restaurants whenever you feel like doing so.

Swift Indian food delivery

Numerous non-vegetarian and vegetarian food outlets that serve regional Indian cuisines open every day to feed Indians with a nutritious, delicious breakfast, supper, brunch, lunch, dinner and supper. Some of the distinguished places in India where you can expect swift delivery are:

  • Dange Chowk
  • Vishal Nagar
  • Wakad
  • Codissa
  • Dhamu Nagar

View foodpanda’s Indian food menu for sampling best Indian cuisines

With foodpanda’s order India food online, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food lovers can pick from a wonderful range of regional Indian cuisines from a multitude of restaurants in India. Here are a number of some wonderful Indian food items that you simply must try no less than once with order Indian food online:

  • Indore Ke Namkeen - enjoy the taste of the restaurant's Podina Aloo Bhujiya Sev. It is made from refreshing mint and flavoured with crunchy potato sev and tempered with garlic. It makes a nutritious snack for enjoyment while watching your favourite Indian movie or playing computer video games
  • NH 8 Restaurant - do enjoy the restaurant's Kachori. The round, flattened ball is made from fine flour and filled with a stuffing of yellow moong dal or Urad Dal that has been baked. It goes well with your Indian chai for afternoon tea