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Order ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt online

According to the Oxford Dictionaries, the word, “ice cream,” originated during the mid-eighteenth century from the word, “iced cream.” It is defined as a partially soft frozen dessert that is made from any milk fat that is flavoured and sweetened. There is no definite inventor of ice cream or definite time of its first appearance according to historians. It is believed that ice cream first came into the picture during the second century B.C. Alexander the Great is supposed to have asked his men to fetch ice from the landscape so that he could enjoy nectar and honey flavoured ices.

The first use of eggs to make ice creams occurred during the seventeenth century. With the progress of technology and time, ice creams evolved into what they are today. There are an assortment of flavours and complex creations today. With foodpanda’s order ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt online service, you can select from various irresistible creations of ice creams and other similar items for cherishing each mouthful at the privacy of your residence, whether you live in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad or one of the many other cities in which foodpanda ice cream delivery is available. 

Kulfi and gelato home delivery in India for any occasion

Ice cream, which is commonly eaten worldwide, usually refers to the Americanised or Westernised version of frozen, dairy-based dessert. The Indian version of ice cream is called kulfi. Kulfi, which is usually favoured in the shape of cone, is creamier and denser than the common ice cream. Since air is not whipped into kulfi during its making, kulfi is usually solider than normal ice cream, thus, it is slower to melt. Sorbet, which is a kind of water ice, doesn’t usually have cream or whipped air. It is made from water, sugar and other ingredients.

Normally, fruit juices are used as flavourings for sorbets. The Italian version of ice cream, which originates from Sicily, is called gelato. With more flavouring and sugar but less whipped air compared to common ice cream, gelato is richer and solider than the latter. If you’re wondering what a sundae is, it refers to a common ice cream with ingredients like syrup, nuts and fruits. Whether it is to enjoy a gelato, sorbet, kulfi, frozen yoghurt or ice cream at your residence, now you can make use of foodpanda’s kulfi and gelato home delivery in India service for delivery right to your house’s front doorstep.

Order from the best gelaterias in India for excellent gelatos

With foodpanda’s order ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt online service, you can buy whatever frozen dessert you adore online and treasure every mouthful at your ease wherever you desire. Here are some great frozen desserts that you must try once:

  • Café Crème – take comfort in your favourite flavour or creation of ice cream from this food outlet. There are numerous choices like Saffron Badam Pista, Honey Nut Crunch, Dark Secret and Anjeer for a lovely dessert
  • Café Creamy Day – all those who adore sundaes or wish to boost their mood should try the outlet’s Chasmeshahi Sundae, Mango Exotica Sundae or Chocolate Glory Sundae
  • Thanco’s Natural Ice Creams – take utter delight in the outlet’s Alphonso Mango, Belgian Dark Chocolate and Belgian Almond ice creams during your weekends at home or on hot summer days to cool your body temperature