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Order Chinese food delivery online in India

Similar to Indian cuisine, there are regional varieties of Chinese cuisine based on aspects such as geographical location, distinctive culinary style and usage of ingredients, which are dependent on the common type of agricultural products in the specific area. The primary forms of Chinese cuisine are classified as China’s “Eight Culinary Cuisines,” which are Anhui, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Cantonese, Hunan, Fujian, Shandong and Jiangsu. With foodpanda’s convenient order food delivery service in India, travelling all the way to China is not necessary. For an excellent option to sample the multitude of culinary delights of China at the quiet of your residence, just utilise foodpanda’s Chinese food home delivery, which is available in dozens of cities in India, for example in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune - among many more!

Order Chinese food delivery online effortlessly

Various wild herbs are used to make Anhui or Hui cuisine, which originates from China’s Anhui province. Two Anhui culinary delights are Egg Dumpling and Li HongZhang Chop Suey. Thin sheets of eggs are used to cover pork fillings to make the egg dumplings. The latter dish is a complex, salty and slightly sweet soup that has ingredients like fish, vegetables and chicken. Various kinds of seafood are used to cook Zhejiang or Zhe cuisine, which originates from China’s Zhejiang province. Zhe dishes have a mellow aroma and soft flavour. Dongpo Pork, which refers to fried pork belly in wine and soy sauce is one good example of Zhe cuisine. Mapo Tofu, which is made from bean curd, chilli, minced meat and other items, is a good example of Sichuan cuisine. A world famous Cantonese dish is shark fin soup.

Hunan or Xiang cuisine originates from China’s Hunan province. Hunan dishes normally have hot and spicy flavours (even hotter than Sichuan cuisine) with deep colours. Dong’an chicken, which is made from spices, parboiled chicken, vinegar and other items is a good example of Hunan dish. To make various Fujian or Min dishes, brown sugar, sea salt and white vinegar are commonly used. The world famous Bak Kut Teh, which literally means meat bone tea, and “Buddha Jumps Over the Wall” are two prominent examples of Fujian cuisine. The former is made from ingredients like herbs, pork ribs, cinnamon and star anise. According to Chinese legend, a Buddhist monk who was on a vegetarian fast, could not resist the tempting smell of the latter dish and jumped over a wall to sample it. This non-vegetarian dish is made from a complex mix of ingredients like dried scallops, mushroom, pigeon eggs, shark’s fin and abalone.

Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish is a good example of Jiangsu or Su cuisine, which originates from China's Jiangsu province. An example of Shandong or Lu cuisine, which originates from China's Shandong province, is Dezhou Grilled Chicken. For your choice of sumptuous Chinese dishes, just view foodpanda’s Chinese cuisine menu, which is promptly accessible via a smartphone or laptop and request for whatever seems palatable to you for delivery to your chosen location.

Swift Chinese food home delivery

Several Chinese eating places open daily to provide Indians with tempting, flavourful food items for brunch, lunch and dinner. Some of the well-renowned places where swift delivery can be relied on are:

  • Munirka
  • Indirapuram
  • Marathalli
  • Arumbakkam

Tantalising dishes from the best Chinese restaurants in India

With foodpanda’s order Chinese food delivery online, foodies and non-foodies who crave to sample the culinary pleasures of Chinese dishes have various picks. Below are a few Chinese food items that you should taste once or more:

  • Spooky Sky – take delight in the Schezwan style dish, Chilli Mushroom, which refers to deep-fried mushrooms in a mix of chilli seasoning, soy sauce and Schezwan sauce. Sample it together with the outlet’s Chicken Fried Rice for a sumptuous Chinese meal
  • Yo Wok – don’t miss enjoying the outlet’s famous Szechwan style dish, Tender Chicken Kung Pao Clay Pot. This spicy dish has ingredients like chicken chunks, black peppers, peanuts and vegetables
  • Night Eat – the popular Chinese dish, Egg Fried Rice is also a favourite among the outlet’s patrons. Steamed rice, vegetables, eggs and other ingredients are stir-fried in typical Chinese style for your pleasure