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Hassle-free and time saving: Order hamburger delivery online

It may seem as if hamburgers originated from Hamburg in Germany. But that’s not really true. High quality beef was ground to make a special patty in Hamburg during the nineteenth century. Salt, onions, garlic and pepper were added to the ground beef to make the patty, which was popularly known as Hamburg steak in Germany.

When Germans immigrated to the United States during the nineteenth century, they opened restaurants that sold this special steak as a costly gourmet dish. Somehow, during the last few decades of the nineteenth century in the United States, the patty jumped from the plate to a sliced bun. The opening of the first White Castle restaurant by Walter Anderson and Edgar Ingram during the early twentieth century opened doors to fast food franchising. When McDonald’s came into the picture in 1948, it created history – American style hamburgers became famous worldwide. Today, there are thousands of McDonald’s outlets worldwide with over 75 hamburgers sold every second. With order hamburger delivery online via foodpanda, you don’t have to wait for your turn in the drive-through or walk-in queue at any fast food outlet for something to snack on while watching your favourite television programme.

Savouring various burgers from India’s best burger restaurants

Two classic examples of American style hamburgers are McDonald’s McChicken and Beef Burger. Western style burgers usually have dressings like mayonnaise and mustard.

To appeal to the gastronomical desires of Indians, many Western style fast food outlets localise the taste of their burgers by using Indian spices, creating a fusion of Indian and Western style burgers and other means. That’s how McDonald’s McAloo Tikki was born. You can enjoy this special burger or any other style of hamburger with foodpanda’s burger order online while you are busy surfing or chatting online on your home PC.

Fortifying, delicious burgers with order hamburger delivery online

The term, fast food, is a misnomer. It gives the notion that hamburgers being fast food are unhealthy. But, cheeseburgers and veggie burgers can be fortifying with lots of nutrients not to mention delicious. Below are just a small number of wonderful burgers that you should taste once with foodpanda’s order hamburger delivery online service:

You will find many cities in india that do have a broad variety of hamburger restaurants like: Bangalore, Delhi, Pune or Chennai fo example

  • Meat and Eat – the fast food outlet’s DB Grilled Chicken Burger is not something you should miss unless you’re a vegetarian. Minced garlic, spices, egg and ground chicken patty are placed between a sliced bun before being grilled in an oven
  • Yolkshire – for something special, don’t miss the restaurant’s Chicken & Egg, which has ingredients like lettuce, sausages, boiled eggs and salami. If you’re a vegetarian, go for the outlet’s Veggie Delight, which comes loaded with veggies, cheese and a special vegetable patty
  • McDonald’s – immaterial of whether you’re a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, you simply must try McAloo Tikki burger at least once with foodpanda's order hamburger delivery online. Its patty is made from peas, potatoes and some Indian spices and coated beautifully with breadcrumbs. Tomatoes, onions and sweet tomato mayonnaise are added together with the patty into a sliced, regular bun to make McAloo Tikki Burger