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Bengali cuisine: East Indian dishes with Foodpanda

We have talked about many other Indian cuisines, but today, a new one arrives to Foodpanda- the Bengali cuisine, typical for the East of India, close to Bangladesh and West Bengal. With an emphasis on fish, vegetables and lentils served with rice as a staple diet, the Bengali cuisine is known for its fiery flavors. Something taken from Europe is the multi-course tradition, and it is not served all at once, which is the case with other Indian cuisines. Bengali food has a large number of influences, such as Chinese and European.; all of this makes the Bengali cuisine that interesting and tasty.

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From our website or using our mobile App for iOS or Android you will be able to place orders easily. Writing your location and using the filter to see only Bengali cuisine restaurants, then choosing your favorite dishes and selecting your preferred method of payment, either cash on delivery or online, as you wish. Do not forget to check the reviews of every restaurant to have a good idea about how it works, that is the way to choose one or the other, but we are sure that quality is high in every restaurant. Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to use our live chat- we are going to answer you as fast as possible. Place your order, enjoy the food, and come back and order again! Bon appetit!