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Want a bite? Consider ordering snacks for home delivery in Mumbai

If hunger strikes when you’re on the road or between meals, there’s nothing like a quick snack to kill those pangs. But what constitutes a snack? For big eaters it could mean a small pizza, whereas those with modest appetites might feel quite satisfied with a simple veggie sandwich.

Whatever your taste or appetite, it’s good to know that there are dozens of establishments in Mumbai – from steetside take-out joints to top-grade restaurants – from whom you could order snacks for delivery in Mumbai to your home or office. There are South Indian establishments offering idli-vada-sambar treats, Lebanese eateries whose shawarmas are becoming increasingly popular, North Indian restaurants with their pav-bhaji preparations, and cafes that specialise in coffee and club sandwich variants.

Here is a compilation of some outstanding outlets that you could consider when next you’re overcome by hunger pangs:

All of the abovementioned establishments are participants in foodpanda’s Internet-based food delivery service in the city. This means that you can place an order online for healthy snacks in Mumbai from these eateries through the foodpanda site.

With foodpanda, at tea-time or in the evening, it’s snacks in a snap!

Feeling peckish? Dying to sink your teeth into something hot and yummy, like a fluffy, steaming idli? Or perhaps a butter flavoured pav bhaji snack? Or maybe a whopping, jaw-stretching burger? Then log on to foodpanda and use the search tool to identify food outlets that offer easy tea-time or evening snacks for home delivery in Mumbai, especially those in your neighbourhood.

Once you’ve decided on a restaurant, select snacks from its online menu, confirm the contents of your shopping basket, and then make your payment on the check-out page by using your credit card (or opting for cash on delivery).

If you don’t own a computer, you could use the foodpanda Android/Microsoft/iOS smartphone app to order snacks for home delivery in Mumbai. It downloads real fast and is easy to use, so try it today and never feel hungry again!

  • Parathas: true to its name, it serves a wide variety of parathas as well as popular North Indian specialities like veg koftas, paneer butter masala, biryanis, and peneer pakodas with sauce.
  • Metro Tawa: masala pav, dragon pav bhaji, wraps, burgers, pizzas and kiddie rolls are some of this outlet’s popular snacks.
  • Orbango Juice: a great place for thirst quenchers. Names like Red Alert and Liver Mover are sure to pique your interest. The menu’s limited, though.
  • Hakka Express: this place is offering a 20% off on every order. So why not order a meal in a box, or deep sea prawn dumplings, or a plate of roasted potato chilli?
  • Highway 66 Pizza Kitchen: this eatery has everything from pizzas to pastas to French fries to dips. Hit Highway 66 to fuel up!
  • Metro The Burger Shop: this joint offers a wide range of rolls, wraps, sandwiches, and burgers of course. Go for a deluxe chicken burger, or if your hunger is giant-size, order up a meal.
  • Between Breads: a not-to-be-missed hangout for hamburgers, hotdogs, snacks and sandwiches. The dips are great too, so order up if your stomach has begun rumbling.