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Delicious and convenient Japanese food delivery in Mumbai

Often referred to as the “front door to India”, Mumbai is a modern megacity that is pulsing with culture, history and industry. Sitting on India’s west coast, it was a thriving waterfront, beautiful ancient temple caves and is the home to India’s major film industry Bollywood. This means that the city seems to never sleep and has busy streets and a diversity of entertainment and traditions, which is why you can find food from almost anywhere in the world in Mumbai, including delicious Japanese cuisine.

Getting Japanese food delivery in Mumbai doesn’t need to be a hassle, and with foodpanda it is simple, fast and convenient, allowing you to get take away from your favourite restaurant delivered right to your door.

Finding Mumbai's best Japanese restaurants

Japanese cousin refers to food that is prepared in the traditional Japanese way and there is often an emphasis on using fresh and seasonal ingredients to create mouth-watering meals. The staples that are included are rice and noodles, and this is often accompanied by a watery broth and as well as a variety of pickled and raw ingredients.

Fish is very popular, and is grilled or served fresh as sashimi or sushi. When you want Japanese food delivery in Mumbai, you can easily use foodpanda’s online site or app to search for restaurants and browse through the menus to find exactly what you are in the mood for. You also have the option of paying online or on the takeaway delivery, and once you have placed your order, all you need to do in wait for your freshly prepared food to be delivered right to your door.

No matter if you are craving a rice dish, a vegetable broth or sushi delivery in Mumbai, finding the best Japanese restaurant with foodpanada is fast and easy, and you can choose from a wide variety of Mumbai's best Japanese restaurants, such as:

  • Sushi Koi: this restaurant offers a tasty selection of traditional Japanese meals, pan-fried dishes and seafood, as well as offers an appetising array of vegetarian choices.
  • Torico Japanese Food: whether you are craving seafood or other meat varieties, Torico Japanese Food has a yummy assortment of dishes for you to enjoy. They offer both sushi selections as well as bentos, which are single traditional Japanese meal boxes that contain an assortment of different ingredients.
  • Wok Hei: highly rated and specialising in a variety of different food dishes, Wok Hei is a great choice for takeaway if you are craving a variety of different food. This restaurant offers appetisers, family meals and different combos.
  • Sushi Star: Specialising in sushi, this restaurant has a delightful selection of different selections for you to choose from, including vegetarian, traditional, thin sliced Nigiri, Jainsum, shashim and a range of platters, making it the ideal choice for sushi delivery in Mumbai.