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Delicious ice cream home delivery in Mumbai

If you have a craving for something cold, smooth and sweet, then you must be in need of some delicious ice cream, as it is one of the most popular and beloved desserts in the world and it is just as popular an indulgence in the Indian city of Mumbai. The history of ice cream dates back thousands of years, with the earliest record of its enjoyment being 200 BC! It is traditionally made from milk, but modern varieties can include almost anything, including fully vegetarian ingredients and even meat.

What makes this dessert so wonderful to eat, besides the rich and delicious flavour, is that when it is created, it is constantly stirred, and this gives it a light, smooth texture that literally melts in your mouth. There are a variety of adaptions to the classical ice cream, and these include frozen yogurt which is made with yogurt instead of milk, gelato which is an Italian variety with less milk, and many more. It is no wonder why this delicious, cold and absolutely indulgent dessert is so popular, and if you want to get ice cream home delivery in Mumbai, then using foodpanda’s simple online ordering app or website is a great idea.

How to order ice cream online in Mumbai

With foodpanda getting the perfect scoop of ice cream to satisfy your craving for a sweet and cold dessert is both fast and easy. Through the online site or smartphone app you can follow the four user-friendly steps to find the restaurant in your area to order ice cream online in Mumbai. All you need to do is enter the area of your address in the search block, and then you can browse through the extensive list of food establishments that offer delectable ice cream, frozen yogurt and gelato in Mumbai.

You have the option of paying online or upon delivery, and once you have placed your order, all you need to do is wait for it to be freshly prepared and delivered right to your door. What could be simpler than that!

Great ice cream, frozen yogurt and gelato in Mumbai

With foodpanda you can choose from a wonderful assortment of restaurants that give you a great selection of choices for ice cream home delivery in Mumbai, as well as other great sweet and savoury treats. Some of these include:

  • Apsara Ice Cream: this highly rated restaurant offers a selection of delicious and decadent ice creams for you to choose from, which include fruit based, nut based and chocolate based ice cream varieties, as well as sorbets and kulfis.
  • Cheelizza: this fast food restaurant offers a wonderful array of ice creams, as well as delicious pizza, sandwiches and salads if you want to have something lighter or more savoury with your dessert.
  • Tender Fresh: this restaurant has delicious traditional ice cream, vegetarian varieties and unique dried fruit selections.
  • And there are many, many more!