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Place an online order for Japanese food delivery in Bangalore

While epicureans in India are well acquainted with Chinese, Mexican, Continental, Thai, and Middle Eastern cuisines, their palates are only just beginning to discover the delights of Japanese cooking.

Like other cuisines, Japanese cuisine is seamlessly integrated with tradition and culture and reflects native lifestyles. With fishing and farming being key occupations in Japan, it’s no surprise that the traditional Japanese menu is dominated by vegetarian and seafood preparations, although meats are being increasingly featured these days.

A traditional Japanese meal will consist of rice, miso soup and other dishes made with seasonal ingredients. Pickled vegetables and fish – grilled or served raw as sushi or sashimi – are used as side dishes. Vegetables may be stewed or deep-fried in a batter. The meal might also include noodles, oden (fish cooked in broth), beef, fried dumplings, and even the occasional Western-style curry. For dessert it’s usually wagasi, a traditional sweetmeat made with red bean paste. As for drinks – yes, you guessed right – it’s sake, the nation’s famous rice wine.

If you are adventurous enough to want to experience Japanese cuisine in Bangalore, log on to This online portal will help you identify the best Japanese restaurants in Bangalore to visit or order home delivery from. However, before we get into the mechanics of ordering for Japanese food delivery in Bangalore, take a look at this brief list:

Say “Doumo!” to the best Japanese restaurants in Bangalore

  • Harima Restaurant: located at Residency Road, this establishment is great for authentic sushi and super-strong Wasabi sauce. If you’re looking for Japanese restaurants for home delivery in Bangalore, this place should meet your requirements.
  • The Tao Terraces: as the name suggests, a terrace restaurant that offers great views and fine food. The sushi platter and the cocktails will have you begging for more.
  • Tibetan-Japanese "Lungta" Restaurant: located in Ashok Nagar, this restaurant serves both Tibetan and Japanese dishes. The momos, ramen noodles, and malaphing with tingmo are supposedly super.
  • Shiro: located on Vittal Mallya Road, this is a great place for Sunday brunches and parties. Make full use of the unlimited Sushi & Maki offer to have more sushi than you’ve ever dreamt of.
  • Teppan Japanese Grill & Sushi Bar: a popular Ulsoor establishment, where you can order an unlimited sushi thali, dig into a Tuna Sashimi, or bite into a crispy avocado maki. The chef cooking in front of you makes for an unforgettable dining experience.
  • Hae Kum Gang: this Brigade Road multicuisine restaurant serves Korean, Chinese, and Japanese fare. It’s oriental to the last bite.

That’s just a handful, of course. There are around a dozen restaurants in Bangalore serving Japanese food, so do some research over the Internet and make a shortlist of places to visit or order from.

Enjoy a Japanese-style dinner at home

You have a choice of many Japanese restaurants for home delivery in Bangalore. Simply visit the foodpanda site and hit the search key to get a list. Then select the restaurant you want to order from, choose your favourite dishes from its online menu, and make a credit card payment (or opt cash on delivery) to confirm your purchase.

The foodpanda smartphone app is also great for placing orders, so download it and try it today. It’s easy to use, and your personal link to the culinary wonders of the Orient!