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Bangalore’s fast food - A global cuisine

Being the IT capital of India, Bangalore is the hub of the young and the adventurous. The city lures the foodies with a wide array of diverse dishes from cuisines across the globe. With the constant inflow of people from different regions and countries, and new trends over the years, the food scenario in the city has evolved greatly over the past few decades. Today, like any other cosmopolitan city of India, Bangalore too exhibits a rich food culture of its own.

The main meal of Karnataka usually consists of rice, saaru or rasam (soup of vegetables), chapatti, vegetable curry, curd and buttermilk. From the delicious fast food joints to luxurious restaurants, the city has a lot to offer to its epicureans. Bangalore’s fast food is famous for its taste, wide range and affordability. The fast food joints that can be found at every nook and corner of the city themselves speak for the Bangaloreans love for fast food. The most popular fast food in the city are:

  • tangy spicy chaats such as bhel puri, masala puri,
  • pav bhaji and pani puri.
  • Idli, dosas, biryanis,
  • sheek kebabs & rolls etc. dominate the fast food scenario in the city.

Being a home to the multinationals, the city also has a significant population belonging to different nationalities. Hence, several international cuisine restaurants from Chinese to Thai, through Italian, Lebanese, Mexican, Spanish and many other global cuisines dot the culinary landscape of Bangalore to cater to the tastes of this section. Both the traditional Indian and international cuisines are equally popular in the city. Wherever you go, the fast food street joints in Bangalore everywhere offer you a feast of mouth-watering delicacies and leave you with fond memories of the city.

Online Order Fast Food in Bangalore

foodpanda brings you the most popular fast food restaurants in Bangalore all in one place. You can online order any of your favourite dish ranging from a wide range of dishes such as Tandoori Chicken, Bangalorean Biriyani, Chicken kebabs, Rumali Rotis to masala dosas, sandwiches, pani-puri and chaats from your favourite fast food restaurants in the city. Satisfy your craving for your favourite fast food in the comfort of your home. You can visit the foodpanda website or even better download the foodpanda app and enter the details of your current location. After that mention, your current area and city, select the restaurant of your choice and pick your order.

Some of the popular fast food restaurants in the city are Tikki Tikki, Hyderabad handi biryani, Moriz etc. Select of your favourite fast food from the plethora of items on the fast food menu of the popular restaurants, you can then proceed to the checkout. Here you can opt for either online payment or cash on delivery as per your convenience. Now sit back and relax with your friends and family while foodpanda home delivers your order to you.