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Basil Tree
Basil Tree
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Basil Tree

G 43 & 44, Main Market, Near Radisson Hotel, Noida, 201301 

27 Ratings

Basil Tree
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G 43 & 44, Main Market, Near Radisson Hotel, Noida, 201301
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Basil Tree: order food online from this restaurant with Foodpanda

Many cuisines are available to order from this restaurant, so almost everyone will find something to eat; well- cooked and great tasting. Pizzas, Chinese food or north Indian cuisine are available, the menu is large with various dishes available to choose from. Remember, from our smartphone App or from our website, you will be able to place your order to this restaurant, with free delivery. Also, a new option of online payment by card is available, all done for you, to make the procedure of ordering food online from Basil Tree in Noida with Foodpanda easier.

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Insalata or antipasti from Italy, Indian vegetarian plates with rice, or Chinese meat plates, the menu is full of many different options. You willl always find something to eat that is satisfying; you can read the opinions of many customers who say the taste is great and the delivery was fast. Always take a look on the website, sometimes there are special offers, discounts or promotions that you can use to save money. Same food, great taste, cheaper price. You will get satisfied, so we hope you will repeat!

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  • 4
    27/08/2013 by KaranTheFoodie

    It is the closest one can get to Italian in sector- 18 market. The pizzas and pastas are good. The place has a nice ambiance and is overlooking the road with prompt service and nice pocket friendly menu. I loved the Ceasar salad, Penne Arabiatta and Penne Alfredo.
    The white sauce and the cheese sauces are equally good with the salad leaves crisp and juicy. The place not too overcrowded on the weekends thus giving a good respite from the mad weekend rush. more >>>

  • 5
    14/08/2013 by nishu.punnu

    In my opinion Basil tree is one of good restaurant in Noida, they are one of specialist in city for Pizza and Pasta and one would love their Pizzas.. They are not only master in Pizzas and pasta, but also specialized in non-veg dishes. Last I went there with friends for lunch and we started with mocktails and then non-veg platter, chicken wings and delicious calzone chicken pizza. All I can say you will love it and will be big fan of them.. The restaurant ambience is good.. nicely decorated and you will get prompt service from staff and they are courteous and cooperative. I will definitely recommend this to all PIZZAS lovers. My overall experience is as follows
    Service: 5 / 5
    Food quality: again… 5/5
    Ambience: 4/5 more >>>

  • 3
    23/04/2013 by shanusood22

    So the variety is very less and the pizzas are just like any other restaurant. The service is really good and so is the place. But what is the use if the main purpose that you are there is not fulfilled. The best thing I liked was the brick oven pizzas. They are really one of a kind. They have that great flavor that you will not find in any other ordinary pizza. Overall the experience was just okay but it worth one visit. more >>>

  • 4
    16/03/2013 by Abhishek
  • 4
    23/03/2013 by sutapa
  • 3
    27/04/2013 by Raghav
  • 5
    10/06/2013 by Kartik

    I found this restaurant amazing. Food was so good. Service was quick. amazing ambience of the restaurant. they gave us 15% discount on Food using citibank credit card. i beleive this is the best place for Italian Food in Noida. will strongly recommend for all

  • 4
    19/06/2013 by Sandheep

    Delivered on time. Food was good but I felt it lacked seasoning. Needed a tad bit more salt.

  • 1
    06/08/2013 by Digant
  • 3
    22/09/2013 by Rajdeep

    Pizza and Mozzarella sticks were good.
    Lasagne was not quite up to the mark as compared to what other joints offered.
    Plus, I ordered a bottle of COKE as beverage; they delivered PEPSI instead. If they didn't have coke in stock, they shouldn't have put it on the menu. I felt mislead in that front.
    The food was delivered on time. Overall, I will give a rating of 3 stars.

  • 5
    06/10/2013 by Anirban

    Excellent food quality, very nice packaging and prompt delivery. Have ordered with them several times, never disappointed

  • 3
    21/10/2013 by Kriti

    Food quality was good especially the Veg Seekh Kebab that we ordered. Lasagne was ok ok types ... Not as good as on other joints. Packaging good, delievery within time. :)

  • 3
    26/10/2013 by Rajdeep

    The pizza was alright but served cold.

  • 5
    14/11/2013 by jasmine

    good food quality and on time delivery. not bad at all!!

  • 4
    21/11/2013 by Amit

    The pizza here is like no other pizza i have had. Simply amazing.

  • 4
    24/11/2013 by Sanjiv

    Good Pizzas with a consistant taste.

  • 3
    02/12/2013 by Anonymous

    They have a vast menu but they don't provide according to the description provided. I ordered grilled vegetable footlong along with paneer tikka. The vegetables mentioned in the footlong were missing and it was very different from what was expected.
    "Slow Roasted Zucchini, Marinated Pepper, Basil And Mozzarella" There was no Zucchini and basil and very less cheese.
    The food was cold when delivered and I had to reheat to make it eatable.Also the packaging was average, whole of the food was scattered and I had to assemble the footlong back.
    But the food tasted fine and the delivery was within the estimated time.Paneer tikka was good but heavily priced. It would have been great if it had delivered what was expected or change the description in the menu.

  • 4
    14/12/2013 by Sanjiv

    Food was well made and better than expectations. It was well packed and delivered well within the time promised. The place is expensive though and is recommended when offers are active.

  • 4
    19/01/2014 by Sushmita

    The food was very good. Satisfied. Will definitely go for it next time.Delivery was also on time and packing was very good. Thanks.

  • 4
    20/01/2014 by Soma

    Ordered up for Murgh Biryani...
    The taste was really balanced with the typical flavours minus the gloating or feeling heavy after consuming it! The raita was delicious too!

  • 4
    31/01/2014 by Tim

    The food is a bit over-priced, but they definitely have good things on their menu... such as their pizza and their pastas, especially the lamb bolognese, stay away from the Bruschetta, at least when ordering for delivery, the toppings show up in a bag... :(

  • 4
    04/02/2014 by Tim
  • 2
    28/04/2014 by Adnan

    Delivered a cold pizza in forty mins... Waste...

  • 4
    14/07/2014 by Madhukar

    good food

  • 4
    17/07/2014 by Tim

    I order pizza from Basil Tree about once per week, they make good pizzas, not the typical crap such as Dominos and Pizza Hut. Not the best pizza in the world, but good pizza for India.

  • 4
    01/08/2014 by Jan
  • 5
    10/09/2014 by swati

    Great food